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What Parents Are Saying...
"Mushka loved MBM! From the loving and caring Morahs, fun trips, and all the excellent activities on site, she had a blast! She still talks about camp and literally counts down till the summer! Deena does an amazing job at giving the kids a fun educational summer and all in a true Chassidishe enviroment! Yashar koach."

Rochel Lustig
"My kids look forward to and talk about MBM throughout the year. It's clearly seen how much they are cared for and loved at camp. My daughter Zeesi loves davening, because of how beautiful and meaningful davening is in camp. The chayus, professionalism, activities and individual attention that each child receives is unmatched. As a parent I appreciate so much how the program is so thoughtfully prepared. My kids get to experience original crafts, sports, shows, trips and so many more enriching activities."

Rivka Roth
"Camp MBM provides an exciting, fun filled summer for your daughters in a Lubavitcher day camp that will enrich your child in Chassidishkeit and skill. The counselors each year are full of positive energy and are great dugma chayas for our girls!."

Chaya Light
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